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When asked what’s in fashion this season, my reply is “SLOW FASHION NOT FAST FASHION, & VINTAGE IS UNDENIABLY COOL”.

Despite a growing number of organic or sustainable brands, the main way to eco-conscious shop is - SECOND HAND. What's old is new again in a trend sense, with a rising ecological perspective as well.

In the beginning of every edit of my masterclass I have a wardrobe detox section. If you have not worn it for 2 years put it in one of three piles. Consign, Donate, Re-tailor. So hopefully this week's blog inspires you to get into your closet and detox. Perfect time at a change of season. On the other spectrum is purchasing. Shopping for vintage items is not as straightforward as purchasing something current off the rack - you need to know where to go.

Here are my top picks for consigning as well as purchasing.

The Real Real – Los Angeles

One of the most well-known consignment stores, The RealReal does the hard work for you. It's simple, Just send them your items, they authenticate, photograph and assign a price. Then they list it on their website.

The Real Real luxury consignment clothing

What Goes Around Comes Around – New York

What goes around comes around is new yorks most elevated boutique. They do consignment with other premium stores and have a strong celebrity following.

What Goes Around Comes Around luxury consignment clothing

Vestiaire Collective – Paris

Vestiaire Collective is like a more curated eBay, with a vast collection of high-end designer pieces. They authenticate and handle the payment and shipping to the buyer. I recently purchased an Isabel Marant coat and negotiated the price. It came promptly and packaged beautifully.

Vestaire Collections luxury consignment clothing

Trading in Style – Sydney

A carefully selected pre-loved mid to high-end pieces in excellent condition. The two owners Bianca Picherit and Jenna Isaacman have their own strong Instagram following for their chic style. My pick and go to consignment store in Australia for sure.

Trading in Style luxury consignment clothing

Blue Spinach – Sydney

Located in the leafy suburb of Darlinghurst, Blue Spinach is considered to be Australia’s leading reseller of luxury fashion. This store was at the forefront of the consignment movement. They are the perfect combination between cost-effective shopping and sustainability, through recycling luxe fashion.

Blue Spinach luxury sustainable clothing

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