Summer 2022 Lucy MacGill Styletribe

How To Become A Hot New Version Of You This Summer

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I have launched my new Summer 22 Masterclass.

I've done all the work for you. All you have to do is purchase my on-line styling masterclass and you will take you whole Spring / Summer 22 look to another level.

Using existing pieces from you wardrobe and all the shopping links required to create at least 20 insanely chic looks.

Better, shaper and easy to follow. My clients told me what they liked and didn't from the last one and I listened.

I have dressed women for 30 years, taken women from feeling underwhelmed and with no idea to chic, hot, finished top to toe. They call me their secret weapon.

Click the link.

Usually $149, I have an opening special of $99.

One on One in person styling still available. Bookings open last week October till mid November.

HOWEVER... if you are not quite ready to have me in your closet. Here is a way to start with a stylist without having them in your space. 


With love Lucy xx