North Face Gucci collaboration photo shoot

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North Face Gucci collaboration photo shoot

Ahhh the great outdoors... just got better. I am so obsessed with this collab, I had to share with my tribe.

It could, actually, for a fashion lover and nature worshipper be to coolest collaboration yet: The North Face and Gucci collaboration. I love it all. A lot of mixed reactions, but let's face it when did the puffer jacket become a staple.

North Face Gucci collaboration photo shoot

North Face Gucci collaboration, boots

It’s the first time ever that Gucci under Alessandro Michele has collaborated with another brand.

Michele has been choosy about who he works with in the past (always artists and never brands) so this partnership is particularly exciting.

North Face Gucci collaboration photo shoot

North Face Gucci collaboration photo shoot

The release sees items such as puffer jackets, vests and tees emblazoned with a hybrid The North Face x Gucci logo.

So my stylist tip. Grab any North Face item you have and throw it on over something glamourous and feel and explore your own interpretation... here’s how I will be rocking it into the colder months to be a part of it in my own interpretation.

I layered over my favourite Flannel kimono, added AG jeans and my beloved Rag and Bone biker boots. Threw on my very vintage North Face Jacket and I am rocking the vibe. So if you have a North Face puffer or any puffer, get your glamour on to add some flavour.

Lucy MacGill Flannel kimono with North Face jacket

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This is where the magic happens.

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Thank you for being here and sharing in my love of fashion. I just LOVE my style tribe. Each one of you.