Lust And Must Have Boots Of Winter

Lucy MacGill Editorial

You’re going to want to make some major room in your wardrobe – or shoe rack, or under your bed – because the boot trends this year are beyond previous seasons.

A single pair of shoes has the potential to propel the entire vibe of your outfit in a specific direction. Take for example a slip dress, wear the staple piece with a sneaker and your assembled a weekend look you can wear to brunch whilst running errands. Put it with an ankle boot and cross-body bag, denim jacket slung over your shoulders and you’re off to dinner.

From the extra glamorous to earthy and sustainable, as well as the cool chic and outright fabulous…. Here's what I am lusting after.

Just to share with you my cool STYLE TRIBE. Hope it makes your Tuesday in-box a little more rock n rock. Enjoy & here it is:

The combat bootThe knee-high boot | The thigh-high boot | The ankle boot

The combat boot

This winter, it seems is incomplete without the appearance of a combat boot.  Dress up your dresses, or looks super cool with your cargo pant or jeans. Throw on a fur and its just luxe and chic. Here is some of my favourite street style looks to get you in the Combat mood.  With out doubt the high brands like Valentino, Rocha’s and Margaret Howell have shown it worn with loose and flowy dresses with a touch of leather. However brands such as Tony Bianco and Zara have done amazing affordable edits worth exploring.

I have dressed some of my clients back with dresses and long line cardigans. They have loved it. The usual comment they say….. I would never have thought to do this and I feel amazing, chic and age appropriate.

I think you should be open to trying and at least looking at this. Think pretty longer line skirt or dress, with combat boot and long line knit, cardigan or leather jacket. Chic Chic Chic.

Oh, did I hear you think… I’m not cool enough for this look, or this is not me!!?? WRONG…

You would look so cool in this, throw on a faux fur and give it a go beauty!

Lucy MacGill combat boots inspo

The knee-high boot

If you can find a more iconic fashion duo that the dress-and-boot combo, do tell. This pairing so so easy to fall back on right now when the mornings are dark the weather is dull so we need to get creative with our wardrobes. Grab a go-to dress, and put with your favourite boots and you’re ready. The knee length boot is back my darling. However this take on it feels cooler some how. Work this back with denim and a trench. Equally chic with one tonal colour, think all neutrals. Back with leather… all in neutrals… boom, even better!

The animal print or python print knee high boots, well they simply have me…. Mmmm lusting. Think Smokey brown snake print boot, animal prints are basically neutrals at this point, so you can pair them back with your neutrals for such a great look.

You may even have an older pair you can bring back out of that wardrobe.

Give it a go, you will love it.

Lucy MacGill knee-high boots inspo

The thigh-high boot

Get ready – this is going to take some dedication and the thigh high boot definitely adds a glam twist to your denim looks. Over-the-knee boots are nothing new, but in Winter 2020, expect this trend to lean toward the glamourous. Consider this your excuse to buy a few pares of statement-makers. Pared back with denim, perfect white tee, oversize blazer and you have got this. It is a quick way to elongate your legs (hey I need all the help I can get in this department) it is super flattering. They are around in some flat  heel versions this season which gives them a more toned down vibe when wearing them. Stuart Witzmen has owned this look for years, however there are a lot of new kids on the block doing a great job at some more affordable price tags.

Lucy MacGill thigh-high boots inspo

The ankle boot

I, like many of you basically live in the pointed-toe-black ankle boot. The classic silhouette is just so versatile and timeless. However this season I’m turning my back on these babies for some new finds. The five key silhouettes that have my interest are the new curved heel. The spotlight isn’t dimming on the square-toe booties, this forward shape will be into spring summer 20/21.

Animal print has got me here too. Alexander Wang and Wandler have my heart. However, Senso and Tony Bianco are doing great interpretations at a more affordable price points.

Lucy MacGill ankle boots inspo

Trend alert Tuesday...
Square toe and heel lust!

Lucy MacGill Trend Alert Tuesday: square heel and toe boots

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