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Today’s blog is in response to so many questions on this subject. Here’s what I’ve come up with for you!

The grey hair movement is happening all around us. I have been mesmerised by the amount of chic & beautiful women not only embracing this movement but moving it out of a space of conditioning…. into outright cool!

'Silver vixens’ has slipped into the language, describing the phenomenon of high profile women choosing to embrace their silver hair. ‘Going Grey’, Maybe times now really are a-changing, with role models such as the following rocking the hell out of grey hair. My favourite to follow and inspire YOU... 5 Ladies who are rocking the hell out of silver hair.

1. Roxanne Gould (@RoxMod)

Dazzling natural beauty and style has powered her a long reigning modelling career, not only still booked regularly for her beauty and silver threads. Roxanne is an out right inspirational woman who empowers so many of her 35K insta followers and YouTube subscribers. Her beauty is captivating, her essence is genuine and outright gorgeous. See below my candid interview with this pioneering goddess on her journey to grey!

@roxmod silver threads grey hair inspo

2. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)

This superstar went for a white-hot colour change…. And she got to serenade Bradley Cooper. Inspired yet?

3. Annika Von Holdt (@annikavonholdt)

This self-confessed socially awkward geek in a nice outfit. It was an instant fit for ME. Alongside this instant attraction was the fact that she is an award-winning author of four best-selling thrillers, and can fly a plane. Crushing on the silver threads yet?

@annikavonholdt silver threads grey hair inspo

4. Sarah Harris – VOGUE Deputy Editor (@saraharris)

Her hair first started to go grey when she was sixteen. “I guess when I first saw it I was pretty mortified. But I never hated it enough to do anything about it.” Sarah’s fashion views “I think it’s about confidence. If you’re sixty, and you want to wear a mini skirt and you feel good in that, then wear it. All these rules about how you shouldn’t have long hair when you get older; I know lots of women who are old and they have long hair and they look great.

@sararharris silver threads grey hair inspo

5. Kate Moss (@katemossagency)

When Fashion maven Kate Moss was in Paris launchIng her line of Longchamp bags - and to show off her semi-shocking new hair color. Kate's gone grey - intentionally, of course. The model-turned-fashion designer seems to be rocking some silver streaks these days, which means that pretty young things from here to Japan will be sifting through their grannies' cupboards.

@katemossagency silver threads grey hair inspo

6. Dame Judi Dench (@judidenchofficial)

The oldest star to appear on the cover of British Vogue in its 104-year history. Everything she does from working alongside Daniel Craig, playing spymaster M through to doing TikTok with her grandson inspires me.

@judidench silver threads grey hair inspo

... I asked the expert's advice...

Fiona @hairmachineglenelg says: "Grey is the new blonde in that there are so many hues to try, and finding the best one for you all depends on your skin tone and eye colour." 

This blog has definitely been inspired by YOU!

Thank you and please keep reaching out. I have been working with more and more women transitioning not only their hair, but what they wear... Observing how they felt through the process.

I would say in short I have noticed them all somewhat blossom. New takes on colour back into their wardrobe, through to just feeling empowered. It’s been an interesting and cool observation. Hence my urge to share here.

Read on for candid interviews with two influencial, strong, fashionable women, whom I admire greatly, discussing the process further: Roxanne Gould & Robyn Ingerson.

Interview with Roxanne Gould

LM: What age did your hair go to chic silver threads?

RG: My first silver threads started to come in when I was in my late twenties.

2. Was it a calculated decision to not colour your hair, or did you not overthink it?

RG: My biggest fear about going grey was that I thought I might lose my job so I dyed my hair through my thirties. Finally, I reached a point in my early forties when I knew I was done with dying. That’s when I cut off my dyed hair and started fresh with short, short hair. I was free and never looked back!

LM: Did your fashion style change as a result?

RG:I don’t think my style changed at first (other than when my hair was short I needed to cover my neck more often to keep warm because my blanket of hair was no longer there). My color choices for wardrobe and makeup changed a bit. With silver hair I enjoy wearing the pure gem colors like never before.

LM: Who inspires you in terms of style:

RG: Someone we all might know who inspires me is Jane Fonda because she always looks so put together, so timeless and elegant. I like how she effortlessly wears her clothes. Also, style magazines give me a lot of inspiration and new ideas.

LM: What’s your workout schedule to keep in shape?

RG: Last year I had a personal trainer who was preparing me to enter a body building competition in the “Natural Division for over 50”. (I had to cancel for personal reasons 3 weeks before the competition.) The training taught me so much about working different muscle groups on different days. Exercise is a part of my life so I schedule workouts 5 times a week either at my gym or doing laps in my pool. Yoga is thrown in the mix as I’ve practiced it since I was 10 years old and love how relaxing and balancing it is. With each passing year I understand more and more how important it is to keep active!

LM: Current top 3 brands you're loving?

RG: Proenza Schouler is off-the-charts original. JCrew has great casual everyday basics. Ralph Lauren is exceptional for chic elegance from jeans to evening gowns. 7. You inspire so many women over the world, What one message would you like to share with them: The older you get, the more you know yourself and gain confidence in all of your decisions and hopefully begin to share your experience and wisdom with others which can be very fulfilling and rewarding. Ultimately, we need to embrace the belief that ageing is not scary but it’s a blessed time of having ‘arrived’ within yourself.

Interview with Robyn Ingerson

Robyn Ingerson is somewhat of a fashion darling, although currently cheating on the fashion sector for the corporate sector, she has always been a go to for outright interesting & educated conversation around all elements of fashion. From business to design and everything in between. With an enviable fashion career behind her, she refers to herself more as a fashion warrior.

So when I bumped into her shopping for clothes this week (no surprises finding us churning through racks) immediately I asked about her thoughts for this blog... Her opinion on going back to your natural hair colour and how grey just feels chic right now?

To no surprise she whips out her phone with an image of how she is going back to grey and this super cool version of it.

For those of you thinking about embracing this listen to this inspiring fashion darlings well-rounded thoughts on the whole process:

RI: Well at 52 years young I am ready for a new look!! – I am not sure if it is a COVID-19 kick start – so much time for reflection and the need for a re boot – but I feel I am heading into a new life phase – wanting a fresh look, focusing on my health and fitness, looking for new female inspos which of course Lucy has always been leading that pack!

Being in iso with a fun teenage daughter - we have had a laugh going through my wardrobe – she certainly has the styling gene, the way Soph puts outfits together, has given me a renewed love for fashion again. But not at all interested in the trends – but what makes me feel great.

Going back to tailored pieces, accenting all the best bits, having fun again with print and pattern and of course op shopping – tracked down a pair of my favourite Hudson jeans for $15!! In your 50’s you should know what gives you the best look – for me it is a great jean, a deep vee top, with a tailored jacket.

Mind you I am looking forward to a styling session with Lucy, as a fresh eye and love for fashion you can’t go wrong!

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