Lucy MacGill recommends Yoga brand Nagnata

The 5 Yoga Brands That Get 5 Stars.

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It's about function, fashion, fabric, sustainability and cool. These are the brands that have my tick. Let's face it the athleisure, loungewear culture has never been so relevant.

So in my quest and obsession for all of the above here are the yoga brands to follow.

1. Nagata

Nagnata is a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand informed by movement and mind practices. Sustainability, inclusivity and a celebration of diverse culture are at the heart of our process. Founded on the philosophy of sustainably-minded design, Nagnata’s considered approach to design holds a respect for honesty of material and its impact on both the body and the planet.

Lucy MacGill loves Nagnata Yoga workout gear

2. PE Nation

The P.E NATION philosophy is centred around quality design and construction, whilst offering fashion-forward, comfortable and fashionable pieces, specifically designed to take you from the studio to the street. The brand reflects a sense of strength in unity and community, encouraging women to find their passion and flair and celebrate an active way of life. P.E NATION. Active-streetwear for urban life, lived at fast-pace. Designed to perform, all day, every day.

Lucy MacGill loves PE Nation Yoga workout gear

3. The upside

Founded by my all-time favourite Jodhi Meares , her vision for THE UPSIDE came to her when I was spending time between NYC, Hawaii and Sydney. While deepening her yoga practice she witnessed the powerful infancy of the athleisure movement, which was taking over studios in a global sweep. Women of every age were under the spell of these magical pieces. Whilst Jodhi doesn’t profess perfection in the sustainability area. She and her team are deeply devoted to working, learning, and protecting mother nature.

Lucy MacGill loves The Upside Yoga workout gear

4. Alo yoga

The Alo culture is authentic to a yoga lifestyle — "we have a solar-powered office, yoga twice a day at our studio, electric-car charging stations, an advanced recycling program that reduces waste to that of a small household, meetings outside by the fountains in our meditative zen garden, and dog friends at work. Alo is living it in every way we can, so what we share with you comes from a place that’s real."

Alo Yoga workout gear Lucy MacGill loves

5 Lululemon

While Vancouver, Canada is where you can trace Lululemons beginnings, however it's the global community where you’ll find their soul. They are focused on what sparks real conversations and yoga is at the core of everything they do.

Lululemon Yoga workout gear Lucy MacGill loves

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