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Wardrobe and the Works

One-on-One Complete Wardrobe Makeover with Lucy MacGill.

The “WORKS BABY” INCLUSIVE PACKAGE: Wardrobe Makeover | Personal Styling | Personal Shopping

Do you stand in front of your exploding wardrobe with nothing to wear?

Does the clutter in your wardrobe, make you simply feel cluttered mentally? With no time to get in there to sort it all out?

You might need the works baby!



Love the way you look all the time”.


This is the PLATINUM package. Designed for the busy woman!

How it works:

  1. Meeting with Lucy to analyse what’s been worn and what isn’t.Clear out any items not been worn in two years.Analyse what is being worn and what isn’t. Work out what to: consign | donate | re-tailor.

    THEN YOU GO RELAX. A mini-team will re-organise your closet. We purchase all necessary organisational tools. We help consign or donate your rejections.

  2. You come back to a de-cluttered wardrobe where we commence our styling session. The styling session then involves the same process as the One-on-One Styling Service.Working your existing wardrobe to establish, refresh and pull together some hot new looks and outfits.We journal and photograph as we go.

    You will leave with approx. 30 new looks, a concise shopping list with digital / links to the gaps.

    There will inevitably be gaps in your wardrobe. I will educate you on filling the missing links to your new found wardrobe.

  3. A digital and in-store shop, as per the Personal Shopping  Service.You will feel incredible every day.You will have outfit choices you never believed possible.



“In an organised space, anything is possible. We believe the wardrobe you have can affect you with reflection of you. We can simplify re-organise your wardrobe, re style and bring back to life.” Lucy MacGill



(Payment Plan Option available)

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