SA Style Lucy MacGill interview

SA Style: 5 minutes with a fashion stylist

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SEEN IN: South Australian Style | June 2020 | Words by Alyssa Cairo

SA Style Lucy MacGill interview

Lucy MacGill is one of those women that always looks good – and she’s devoted her career to helping other women look good too.

Founder of Lucy MacGill Style Tribe, a personal styling website that offers fashion masterclasses, weekly style guides and one-on-one styling services, Lucy is the go-to for all things fashion. So what advice does she have for the rest of us? We spoke to the lady herself to find out more. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion and styling?

It’s honestly all I’ve done – my only Saturday detention at school was for reading Dolly magazine, which was the fashion magazine back then. It was all I wanted to do. I’m very much a visionary; my business has been out of vision and love and I’ve learnt the business and enterprising stuff along the way. Putting together outfits for women is all I’ve done for 30 years – I was a fashion stylist before it was ‘cool’ to be a fashion stylist.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job?

I am really driven by lifting and inspiring women to be their best versions of themselves. If I can put [women] in outfits that they never would have believed possible and they feel that little bit of rock n roll, sparkle, that little bit of edge, that’s what I live for. I just think women, once they get to my age, they might have been stylish and then they go “where has that stylish woman gone?”. I love to bring that woman back.

How has the South Australian fashion industry evolved over the years?

I think there’s a pocket of businesses, like Denim Iniquity, [with] buyers that would equal worldwide buyers. The likes of Liza Emanuele… how pioneering was she? Look at beautiful One Rundle Trading – that is just an incredible store that could be in the Hamptons. There are just so many incredible South Australian stories. We don’t have much, but I do believe that what we have is very, very good.

Quick Fire Questions

Three favourite Australian labels… 
Flannel, bassike and Jac+Jack.
Must-have winter staple… 
a cool crossbody bag because that just takes any outfit up a notch.
Biggest fashion don’t… 
creased clothes.
Heels or flats…
depends on the outfit! I mean, you whack a great heel on and you feel hot, but Golden Goose sneakers are my staple at the moment.
Denim or leather…
you’ve really torn me. I am a denim girl but only by a tiny whisker.

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