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Feeling like you’re in a style rut? This is an ideal package.

Do you stand in front of your exploding wardrobe, yet rotate the same look week in week out? This is an idea package.

Feeling wrong each day but no time to even think about how to change your look? That’s not your job… that is mine!

We will find in your existing wardrobe, outfit choices you would never have believed possible.

Book in your one-on-one personal styling session.

How it works:

Giving a total new look to your current wardrobe.

  1. Wardrobe analysis. Simply put what are you wearing what are you not. Removing what is not working.
  2. Reworking of your wardrobe, putting a bunch of new outfits together with your existing clothes. I can assure you… you will have options you never thought would be possible within your existing wardrobe, and hey you bought every item in your wardrobe with love. Let’s re-ignite the flame.
  3. Create at least 30 new looks with your wardrobe, then build a very clear list of “gaps in your wardrobe”
  4. We clearly explain the gaps in your wardrobe, and you can shop for them or we can shop with you to complete round off a perfect wardrobe for that season. (DISCLAIMER: NO ITEMS I RECOMMEND DO I GET A COMMISSION FOR. I NEED TO KEEP CLEAR AND AUTHENTIC WHEN MAKING SELECTIONS FOR MY CLIENT)
  5. Finally, we go over those items eliminated to establish what we will:
    • Consign (put on various sites to get valuable $ back)
    • Donate (because someone in the world will be So grateful for your beautiful item you no longer need.
    • Re-Tailor. The fashion designer in Lucy comes out. There are some items we can not part with for various reasons. Let’s scale them up baby!
“One thing I know about fashion right now its about slow fashion not fashion, sustainability, less waist, in some way we all have to make our small mark.” Lucy MacGill

Well done on your part in SLOW Fashion.



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