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Top 14 to follow at 50.

Lucy MacGill Editorial

How to be surprisingly stylish after 50.

No matter what stage of life you're in, I’m a big believer that you can wear what ever you want. Remember cool girls make their own rules. Let’s face it societal norms are shedding. And never before has it been cooler to age staying true to yourself than now.

Remember at 20 trying to fit in and get it right? Man thank god those days are over.!

Here are my chosen favourites to follow.

Read on for 14 trailblazing women over 50 I take fashion tips from on a regular.

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Grece is my all-time number ONE at the moment. She mixes high end fashion with such a cool edge. Obsessed. Her contrast use of prints and texture is effortlessly cool!


Elle! No one does it quite like Elle for me. Chic, understated & effortless. However, I love how she throws in laid back luxe. The Elle Effect is real. The body and the brains. Boom!

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Lyn Slater is here to SLAY. The 65-year-old fashion blogger quirky cool personality shines through. I love her attitude. An academic come blogger. She has a quirky cool personality that is authentic and shines through with her mix of style.


Carla Bruni, French singer-songwriter ad married to Nicolas Sarkozy, then president of France. The modern day First lady, she has turned herself into the embodiment of a refined and elegant First lady almost in the mould of Jackie Kennedy. She is continuing her singing career after her stint as first lady – no wonder the world is fascinated by her style evolution.

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As her career evolved so did her undeniable style. She does red carpet as well as she does day off street style.


Linda Fargo style is a mix of chic, creative, and a sense of madness. What a career title, Senior Vice President of Bergdorf Goodman. She has an insatiable quest for the best. Fargo holds the seal. Her influence and style can be seen in the clothing and accessory selections that make it from the runway to store.

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Halle Berry has been a fashion icon for more than 20 years for me. From her hair to her style to her body. The 53-year-old actress recently showed off a giant back tattoo going all the way up her spine. Glamour with a little rock N roll.


Yes, another bond girl. She has always had the ability to dress not only with great taste but has an acceptance and love of her curves. She is under no pressure from society. I think that Monica Belucci is one of the ageless women.

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Apfel is a true style icon at age 91. Her fame has risen more in recent years than ever before. Her personality shines through with her fabulous eclectic style that has made her an indisputable icon in the fashion world.


Her style and hair have been the topic for decades. Her style has evolved over time, whilst getting right for decades. I love her go-to look of a simple jeans and T-shirt ensemble. In short Jennifer Aniston's style can’t be beat.

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Anna Wintour is the queen of style. Her long-standing reign as the Vogue editor-in chief has seen her define fashion trends. Her look classic style from pearls to tweed suits. She is a constant.


Isabel Marant is a symbol of Parisian chic. She’s her own muse and does leather better than most. She is the powerhouse behind some of the biggest trends of recent times.

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Carine Roitfeld Parisian style has influenced the world’s most fashionable women and at 59, the former editor in chief of Vogue Paris, Former style adviser to the late Karl Largerfield. She has had a formidable career and is in herself a brand.


Dianne Von Furstenberg’s became a fashion icon with the launch of her DVF collection of figure-hugging jersey wrap dresses. She does bold colours and patterns like no other. She staged a fashion come back at 60 to head her successful fashion empire as well as president of the council of Fashion Designers in America.

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